has left some businesses with no other choice than to close their premises during lockdown.

Below are actions you should take to protect your premises and any neighbouring businesses and residents:

Protect your neighbours

When closing your premises due to Covid-19 make sure that won’t affect the fire exit routes from other businesses which may be remaining open, especially where you share an escape route.

Check your fire protection measures

These steps are especially important if a fire in your business could affect others, for example if there’s residential accommodation above your premises.

Shared alarms

  • If your fire alarm serves multiple premises, make sure it will continue to provide cover.
  • Put in place arrangements for access for maintenance and to investigate any fire alarms

Prevent fires

Before closing take all possible steps to prevent a fire from occurring while unoccupied. For example, switch off all unnecessary electrical appliances and remove plugs from sockets.

Empty premises can attract arson, so secure your premises and remove any piles of rubbish or other flammable items.

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